Frequently Asked Questions

What types of items can I have embroidered?
In general you can embroider hats, tees, hoodies, polo shirts, work shirts, school uniforms, backpacks, police/ fire/ military items, towels, tote bags, blankets, and more!

Why choose embroidery?
Embroidered items can cost a little more than screen printing, but their perceived value is also much higher. The imprint will also last a lot longer than screen printing which will fade away with the passing of time and washes.  You should also consider the fact that an embroidered logo literally stands out from your item. Screen printing sets a very fine layer of ink to your product; embroidery has more mass to it so it will rest slightly higher than your item.  Also, the majority of embroidered items allow you to have multiple colors without having to pay extra. The allowance of extra colors makes embroidery ideal for schools and organizations who have a multi-color logo and don’t want to simplify their color palate.
NEPA Tip: If you’re from our area (and need to stay warm) with heavier or fleece item, it’s better to go with an embroidered imprint. Due to the uneven nature of fleece, screen printed logos have the major tendency to crack or flake off.

What kind of artwork do I need?
You’re in luck! While most distributors generally need complex vector artwork to process your order, this is not the case with embroidery. Thanks to our talented graphic design team at Top of the Line, any photo or high-quality image file will work. All you will need to do is email or text a picture of your design to us.

What is digitizing?
Digitizing is the act of taking your artwork and turning it into a digital file that the embroidery machines can read. Once that digital file is uploaded, the embroidery machines can stitch out your logo onto your garments. Digitizing let’s us know exactly how many stitches it will take to recreate your logo.

Who does the digitizing?
Our digitizer is an experienced expert who we believe to be among the best in the industry. She is a full- time instructor in the digitizing world and a professional graphic designer. Depending on the garment you want embroidered, our team will work with you to make sure that you get highest quality design with the most efficient stitching (which translates to savings).

What is stitch count?
Stitch count is how many stitches it will take to replicate your logo or design on your item. Surprisingly, it takes a lot of stitches to recreate a logo on a garment. Just keep in mind that the more stitches required to finish a garment, the more expensive your item will be.

How is the stitch count of my logo determined?
Don’t worry, you will know how many stitches you need before your product goes into production! Once Top of the Line receives your artwork, we obtain a stitch count estimate so you get the most accurate pricing before you commit to buying.

What thread colors can I use?
You have an endless variety of colors to choose from. We pride ourselves on keeping a large number of colors in stock at all times so you get the exact color scheme you desire in the quickest time possible.

Can I use multiple thread colors on my items?
Absolutely! We know that the majority of company logos and eye- catching designs have more than one color in them. Many embroidery shops will charge an additional fee for every color change after a certain amount. At Top of the Line, due to our state of the art commercial embroidery machinery, we will never charge you extra for color changes. We encourage vibrant designs that will make your logo pop!

Can I have garments embroidered in more than one location?
Of course – as long as there is room on the material. If you have any questions about adding additional imprint areas to your product, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team!

What can I do to make sure my item looks fantastic?
We highly recommend using as clear of a picture of the logo as possible. Not only will it have the clearest embroidery, but it may keep your stitch count down.

How quickly can I get my items?
The production time on embroidered items varies. However, because we are local and expertly staffed, we guarantee the quickest turnover time in the area to complete your job. Many embroidery shops will charge an enormous “rush charge” fee to complete your order in a timely manner. At Top of the Line, we do not offer such a service due to our reputation for completing orders extremely quickly for our past customers. Don’t believe us? Check out our online reviews! Do you have any other questions about embroidery? Please reach out to one of the phone numbers listed on our home page and a member of our team will always be glad to help!